Interview with Company X


Today I have an interview with company X. And the CEO revealed a few things to me:

  1. Their data centre is in Singapore, they have their own servers but the guy who manages it is in Indonesia.
  2. They have only one part-time system administrator but they have up to 60 full time sales staff
  3. The system administrator refuse to move the system to cloud, too comfortable with BSD OS.
  4. Their servers crash when they tried to run Linux with PHP

So what conclusion you can draw from it? Here is mine:

  1. If you can hire 60 local sales staff but outsource that one system administrator overseas, that speaks volume of your lack of respect to your IT department. Probably you see it as a cost centre and refuse to invest in it.
  2. When you have your servers in point A and the person who runs it is in point B, seriously what is the point if you need to spend money to fly the guy back to point A?
  3. if you can run Linux on PHP and YET it can crash, something is seriously wrong. I have never encountered an issue with Linux on PHP. Chances is that there are some politics in the IT team and the system administrator don’t want linux on the servers.

Sometimes, the problem is not with the technology, it is with people.


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