Dynamodb my perspective


Recently I try out DynamoDB as recommended by an AWS solutions architect. He promise me equal performance of MongoDB with lesser cost.

Seriously when I heard that name, I think of this dynamo:


But seriously when it comes to usability, it does not offer 2x ultra, in fact it offer a lot less than mongodb

Why do I say so? Because compared to MongoDB, its query functions are very weak.

For example it cannot do a MySQL equivalent of “select distinct(column name) from table”, whereas mongodb is as easy as db.collectionname.distinct(‘fieldname’).

Also it needs a java based library to do geospartial queries, like this link. Mongodb has loc_2d indexing and $near query. I am not ready to run a tomcat server just to do geospartial queries.

Lastly DyanmoDB does not have a wide range of desktop UI tools to do queries like RoboMongo, uMongo (MongoDB) or HeidiSQL(MySQL) to experiment with different queries and measure the speed of different queries.

So AWS, before you recommend people DynamoDB over MongoDB, please give DynamoDB its 2x ultra upgrade in terms of functionality.


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