Chronicles of the failed POC


3 months ago, encounter a badly supervised Amazon Web Service (AWS) Proof of Concept (POC) that chalks up over $6,000 worth of bills.

So what happened exactly?

Simple. What happens is that there is this great misinterpretation of what it means by “Pay per use”.

You pay for what you use right? Apparently the system administrator thinks it mean pay when someone USE the server, which mean people serving the website, or ssh into the server. So he go and spun larger instances (mind you it is those that is in the c2.x4 large range)

And worse, when not in use, he did not stop the server

So it is like a few taps being on, allowing the water to run non-stop


Frankly you are going to be billed for the water you “used” right? Whether you actually wash your hand is another thing!

Lucky, the boss is kind enough to give the system admin a stern warning. Honestly I would have fired his sorry ass.

Anyway I am no longer there now. Good riddance.

Lesson learned here. Always use IAM and billing alerts


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