Ubuntu in google cloud compute


Hi Guys, I am back, and I have managed to do an amazing feat that is to image an ubuntu OS and upload it to the GCE environment. As you know Google Cloud Engine do not support my favourite OS, and SQLCipher 2.2.1 is only available on Ubuntu, so I have no choice.

I won’t do a step by step account cos that is too much effort, but I can share the image that I have saved to the google storage. Use this to spawn your own ubuntu server in GCE. Do take note of the following things:

  1. Disk size is 30GB
  2. Default username and password is gce
  3. Use terminal to login, do not use the web ssh
  4. Do not try to mount disk onto the instance
  5. Don’t try to add id_rsa.pub via the console.

If you want to know how I do it, follow the instructions in the youtube video:


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