GCE vs AWS series: EBS vs Disk


Hi guys, it has been a long time since I blog. Google asia-east1 region has recently been plagued by a network issue so I took some time to blog a bit.

Today I am comparing GCE and AWS on how they handle storage. AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS for short, and honestly why do they have to name everything Elastic?) allows users to create extra disk space to mount their instances, the same way as GCE disks does. Both have SSD and magnetic version and the maximum size one disk can go is 1TB.

So lets compare the difference:

1) IOPS (Input/Output per second)

Google wins hands down. AWS can only have a maximum number of 4000 iops and GCE can go 25,000 iops, 15,000 iops for writes, 10,000 for read

2) Ease of mounting

Google wins on this. You just need to mount the disk on their web console and then run a single line command to format the disk. You do not need to write to write to /etc/fstab like AWS does

3) Disk resizing

AWS wins on this. You never need to resize your disk, whereas GCE has a very troublesome procedure of resizing.

So it is 2 – 1 for google! Sounds like a soccer match huh? stay tuned for more clash of the cloud titans matches!


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