Is AWS Auora a game changer?


AWS recently rolled out Aurora, a managed MySQL services. It is one new database services on top of postgres, oracle and other db available in RDS.

What makes Aurora so appealing is, like her sister DynanoDB, it has no limits on how much data you can store, you only pay for how much data you store, yet it has the strength of SQL queries. You do not need to worry about insufficient disk as it will increase incrementally 10 GB till it hits 64TB.

I would welcome this change as 1) it is getting more and more difficult for businesses to correctly estimate how much data size they need for their application and 2) a lot of traditional application is not ready to switch to NoSQL platform due to various reasons.

A lot of people think that Aurora will post a direct challenge to Oracle. Honestly in my opinion, I do not think this is the case as Oracle customers usually have their own support team for their databases. They have the money to throw at tech and they would rather manage their application inhouse. What I think Aurora will pose a threat to is other forms of database management, the NewSQL breed like dbShards, FoundationDB and PerconaDB.


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