Load, Loader, Locust


I recently tried out using a new load testing tool called locust.io. Amazing tool. It allows you a great free will to customise your load test. Also it allows master-slave cluster setup that gives you the power to blast 100K DAU/HAU type of load if you want it.

A big thanks to Alvin Yeoh, a fellow colleague who helped me with the setup

Below are the steps on how to set up a master-slave locust.io

  1. Set up two instances, one master the other save.
  2. Install the following packages into both instances
    1. sudo yum install python27-devel.x86_64
    2. sudo yum install gcc
    3. sudo pip install locustio
    4. sudo yum install gcc-c++.noarch
    5. sudo yum install git
    6. sudo yum install mysql-devel
    7. sudo pip install MySQL-python

On your slave client run this command:

locust --slave --master-host=MASTER_IP --host=TARGET_URL

On the master client run this command:

locust --master